This Kendrick Lamar and Super Mario Bros mash-up lives up to its sources

"Kendrick Lamario Bros" transcends its clever title.

October 13, 2015

Kudos to Melbourne, Australia’s Victorylaptop for cracking the code of mash-ups made from hip-hop and classic video game themes. “Kendrick Lamario Bros” expertly combines the vocals from Lamar’s smash hit “King Kunta” with the 8-bit bleeps of Super Mario Bros. Listen below:

Even if inspiration sprang from a simple pun, this 95-second second blast of Kendrick rapping over Nintendo composer Koji Kondo’s iconic music (which recently celebrated its 30th birthday, has been scientifically proven to stick in your head, and was previously recreated on the ancient Chinese sheng) fits surprisingly well.

Somewhere Ryan Hemsworth is nodding his head in appreciation.

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