This kid covering The Killjoys’ “Today I Hate Everyone” is cooler than everyone

The '90s Canadian power-poppers are working on new material (but maybe they should let this kid join the band).

September 3, 2015

If you grew up in Canada in the ’90s you undoubtedly watched a lot of MuchMusic, and that probably means you know every word in the Killjoys’ “Today I Hate Everyone.”

Not yet sure if you remember the song? Listen starting at about :35 seconds. You probably do and don’t even know it.

Back in 2013, we put the underrated Hamilton trio at the top of our list of Canadian Bands we wish would reunite (and as far back as 2011 we were wishing for the same), and for literally no other reason we could ever imagine other than our influence, they have: earlier this year, the band played a show during Juno Week. Then quietly began posting on social media. A Supercrawl show announcement followed, and then, the news that they would be doing a run of shows with the Diodes. Scattered among their Facebook updates include mentions of new material.

And even though this is all wonderful, the best part of their active Facebook is this cover they posted: A small adorable child named Lucas performing (AND NAILING) “Today I Hate Everyone.” You WISH you were this cool. We do too.

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