This Korn fan proposed marriage with the band watching

Do you take this man to be your freak on a leash?

November 11, 2015

Marriage proposals can be tricky business (cuz feelings), but one dude used the magic of Korn to help put a ring on his girlfriend’s finger. A honeydripper by the name of Derek Dodson posted a video on YouTube featuring himself, his girlfriend, and the nü metal outfit all having a lovely time at some sort of meet-n-greet.

You can see where this is going…

Our buddy Derek starts regaling the assembled gaggle of humans with the story of how he and the love of his life met thanks to their shared favourite band. As is customary when you hang out with Korn, Derek quickly shifted into dropping to one knee and proposing marriage.

(She said yes.)

Look at Jonathan Davis beam in that video! He probably has no plans on being the best man, but he’s all smiles and sunshine soaking this proposal in.

Let’s hear it for Яomance!

[h/t Noisey]

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