This Mario Paint-inspired app composes awesome 8-bit music

July 16, 2014

If you know us, you know that we love ourselves some Mario Paint. And apparently, so, too, does DanielX.net, who has developed a chiptune-esque composer using the iconic SNES game. It’s ridiculously fun (and easy) to write with: On the right-hand side of the composer, there are plenty of icons familiar to Mario fans—like mushrooms and the red-capped plumber himself—each representing a musical tone. Drag and drop these icons anywhere onto the app’s sheet of music, set the tempo, and voila—you have a new song.

Already, we’ve seen some pretty amazing creations from the app: Here’s a Strokes-esque track. Elsewhere, user Bobirov created a ’90s hip-hop esque tune. Elsewhere, there’s even Dawson’s Creek-esque ballads floating around. Try your hand with the Mario Paint composer right here.

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