This photographer is taking before and after pictures of bands on Warped Tour

August 21, 2014

Cynical, over-it punks often deride the Warped Tour for hosting the boy bands of punk. Yet no matter how glossy the music gets at Kevin Lyman’s touring summer camp, the fact remains: Jumping around on stage with a microphone is demanding work, and it’s even more tiring when you’re getting your cardio under the beating sun. Indeed, it’s a daily grind at the Warped Tour, and Cleveland-based photographer Brandon Andersen is documenting it—namely, by taking portraits of bands before and after they hit the stage.

The contrast is striking. Some walk onstage perfectly coiffed, only to leave flustered and red-cheeked. Others emerge from stage looking like wild-eyed lunatics. And some, like Terror’s Nick Jett, look barely phased. Check some of Anderson’s work above, and if you dig what you see, check out his portfolio and his Instagram account.

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