This rapper has released 262 albums in 2015 (and counting)

Not-so-struggle rapper Viper is breaking records at the rate of one album per day.

September 10, 2015

Move over, Lil B. There’s a new rapper in town cranking out albums at a seriously absurd rate.

Pigeons and Planes tipped us off to Viper, a man who released 333 albums in 2014 and is now set to topple that number with 262 albums in 2015 (so far). All of these have arrived via Spotify, and contain an average of 15-17 songs each. That’s 3,930 songs in the span of nine months, for those of you following alone at home. Though his music has been described as “unintelligible”, “meme-ish” and “chopped and screwed versions of an already chopped and screwed album”, it’s still a pretty impressive feat. Watch his crazily greenscreened video for “All Dis Money” and try not to crack a smile:

Viper’s tossed off album covers and typo-strewn titles are a whole other kettle of fish. From Leasure Tyme featuring his head on a gold-plated ice cream cone to the literal imagery of My Collection of Guns, it’s all pretty fantastic. Other subtle variations include U’RE SUCH AN IMBECILE, U ARE AN IMBECILE, It’s All Because of U ;-( and It’s All Because of Me ;-(.

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