This Russian death metal band covered Xzibit for some reason

This 16 year old Xzibit song has never sounded so brutal.

September 15, 2016

Only in Russia are the following things considered cool: Everybody Loves Raymond, aspic consumption, and, oh yeah, death metal covers of hip-hop songs from 16 years ago.

Formed in 2015, Russia’s Infected Swarm (note: not Infecting the Swarm) have been purveying their brand of Slavic extreme metal for a minute, but now they’ve decided to pay homage to their roots with a cover of an Xzibit song from the West Coast luminary’s 2000 release Restless, long before a career in pimping rides was even a possibility in Alvin Joiner’s head.

“This cover is our tribute to one of the greatest rap artists – Xzibit,” the Swarm’s Bandcamp page reads. “It was hard but we have made it (pimped his song)”. Nice job guys, now that’s some cross-cultural literacy. I doubt any Western heavy metal abnds could correctly reference the TV careers of any Russian rappers, even Guf.

Nice! Now all we need is an American rapper to cover some Forest Stream and all geopolitical tensions will be eased. Clearly these down-tuned Russians are way more verse in the Xzibit oeuvre than me; for the bulk of grades 7-9 I definitely called him “Zizz-bit”. [h/t ToiletOvHell]

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