This Saskatoon bass player wrote the sexiest Kijiji ad of all time

"This mother f*cker will blow so much sound into your ear pussies."

August 20, 2015

Here at AUX, we salute great music writing wherever we find it. If that’s the “amps, pedals” section of Saskatoon’s classified gear-swapping site Kijiji, so be it.

Members of doomy psych-rocking prairie dogs Shooting Guns first pointed out this amazing ad for a Traynor bass head and cab, though they swear they had nothing to do with it. $1,700 for the set seems like a reasonable price, but the lascivious description by the anonymous amp owner that sounds like it could have been ripped from the lyrics of Tenacious D truly seals the deal:

[pullquote]Traynor sex machine. This mother f*cker will blow so much sound into your ear pussies, it will leave the audience wanting more. If you ever want to get laid as a bass player, you need the f*cking big sound this bitch pumps out. This amp is not for hipsters but for those who worship satan and his f*cking glorious noise. Serious offers only, no pussies.

Seriously though, it’s like brand new barely used and sounds great![/pullquote]

As of this posting there have only been 42 page visits, so if you live near Saskatoon and want to sound like the Brotherhood of the Ram, get on it.

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