This thirsty Toronto church made a Drake-themed billboard

"For God so loved The 6."

August 24, 2015

Hyper-talented writer/Drake devotee Emma Healey snapped a photo of a Toronto church’s billboard praising the 6 God as much as the Other God.

[twitter id=”635592649479692288″]

If you can’t read the text in that pic, the Cool Youth Pastors responsible for this thirsty piece of promotion come from C3 Toronto, a church located at 725 Bathurst. Their bae-saying tactics extend to Vimeo, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, where #ilovemychurch is blowing up like Isaiah 61:10-11.

Here’s some alternate billboard copy we’d like to suggest:

[quote]I’m the real God, boy
I’m about to say a true thing
You was poppin’ back when Jesus wore a cross chain[/quote]

For some related reading, check out Healey’s surprisingly moving Drake fanfic for Said the Gramophone.

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