This three-year-old DJ is a party starting prodigy

"From the ridiculous to the unbelievable, meet the youngest contestant we've ever had on South Africa's Got Talent."

October 5, 2015

Those words might sound like the typical reality show mumbo jumbo until you witness DJ Arch Jnr in action. We’ve written about the pint-sized party starter before, but now he’s reached the age of three and continues to rock the airwaves.

Decked out in a tiny pair of Beats headphones with a cooler-than-cool demeanour, DJ Arch Jnr threw down some slick mixes and got the crowd on their feet before the judges pressed the “golden button” sending him to the semi-finals. The other button-pushers of the world better step it up because he’s coming for their spot at the next EDM festival.

Watch the inspiring clip from the South African TV show below:

[h/t FACTMag]

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