Vancouver-area resident hiring a 3-piece band to piss off his idiot neighbours

April 30, 2015

Unless you’re extremely fortunate, chances are, you’ve had to deal with terrible neighbours. Maybe you’ve lived beside frat boys who, when they’re not playing beer pong and foosball until 4 a.m., spend their time lounging in an inflatable kiddie pool on their porch, crushing Old Mils. Maybe you live beside a meth-smoking couple, who, when they’re arguing over Hydro bills, are fuck-murdering each other. Or maybe you’ve had the good fortune of sharing a semi-detached with Nina Willis.

Either way, many of us can empathize with this anonymous Vancouver man, who’s neighbours with a pair of “garbage-blasting” kids armed with a subwoofer. The resident, who lives in the Morgan Creek neighbourhood, is now hiring a three-piece rock band to combat his neighbours, and is offering $200 and beer for a six-hour set.

He expects the band to play right up until 10 p.m., when his neighbours can file noise complaints. He posted the following ad on Craigslist.

[quote]Hi-I am a nice neighbour. The two young kids beside me blast their subwoofer 24/7. I’m 39 and have put my life savings into this townhouse. Legally, they can blast their garbage all day till 10pm. I’m having a nervous breakdown. So I need a 3 piece band to come rock out and shut these ignorant east coasters down. Ill buy the beer and your cab ride to and from vancouver plus $200 to play from 4-10pm.[/quote]

So, who’s up for playing an impromptu house show?

[H/T Exclaim!]

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