This Vancouver punk was beaten by security guards for peeing outside

The Nervous Talk bassist says the "beefcakes" stomped on his kneecap.

August 28, 2015

People in positions of authority can be real jerks. We’ve all heard stories of over-enthusiastic bouncers or strutting security guards making your day out a living hell. Of course, punk bands can be dicks too, giving these fake cops hell when they’re just trying to do their jobs. After their security staff was indirectly accused of beating the crap out of a Vancouver musician, the PNE (Torontonians: Think the CNE but with a nearby ocean instead of a lake) released a statement claiming that intoxication and public urination was to blame for the incident.

Now that you’re clearly captivated, here’s the backstory. Vancouver punk band Nervous Talk posted a photo of their bassist Shane Grass on crutches with the following caption:

[quote]”Shout out to the PNE for their great security staff, for stomping on Shane’s knee cap, fracturing his femur and tearing his ACL, worth mentioning the nice black eye from kicking his head in, Nervous Talk won’t be playing any shows for the following months. Thanks beefcakes.”[/quote]

Naturally, the comments were largely fans decrying the “meatheads” and “apes” responsible. There was also this great quip from the band:

While the band is yet to give their side of the incident in detail, the PNE itself has released a statement in response – and it’s effin’ hilarious.

[quote]”In response to social media posts regarding the alleged conduct of PNE security staff, the organization would like to provide clarification around the events of Wednesday, August 26, 2015.

At approximately 12:15 am, two members of the PNE security team reported to the Italian Gardens area of Hastings Park after receiving multiple reports from PNE guests and staff about an intoxicated male urinating on an electrical box in the main food area of the park.

The two PNE security staff observed the individual urinating on the electrical box and approached him. At that point the witnesses observed the intoxicated male attempt to punch one of the security staff members. Three additional individuals (one male, two females), all also believed to be intoxicated, joined in. The first security guard fell with the first intoxicated male, landing on top of him.

Additional security staff and members of the Vancouver Police Department attended the incident within 90 seconds of the initial call. Three members of the party were detained by police at the scene and the matter is now with VPD. One of those detained, the first male involved in the incident, was taken to hospital complaining of a leg injury.

A large number of independent guest statements corroborate the version of events above.”[/quote]

When you gotta go you gotta go, I guess. Now if the musician in question was, say, a member of One Direction, this could be construed as their snarky original post backfiring on them. However, as a punk band you can’t buy this kind of publicity. Here’s wishing Shane a swift recovery – and suggesting he keep a wide berth of electrical boxes for a while.

[h/t Exclaim]

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