This wireless MIDI controller turns acoustic guitarists into Skrillex

The ACPAD bridges electronic and acoustic music.

August 26, 2015

Ever since man first invented the acoustic guitar, we’ve longed to make those six strings harder, better, faster, stronger more tonally rich. “Yeah, sounds great bro, but can you make it do those dubstep wub-wubs?” – ancient Babylonian to lute player in 1898 BC.

Well, the collective dream of frat dwellers everywhere, the ultimate acoustic guitar, is one step closer to reality thanks to a new product prototype set to make its Kickstarter debut soon.

According to its website, the ACPAD is the “world’s first wireless MIDI controller for acoustic guitar.” Just 2mm thick, the controller aims to bridge the gap between acoustic and electronic music, allowing guitarists to trigger samples and digital instruments on the fly while playing. Sounds can also be triggered by the controller’s assignable tap pads, making a whole new universe available to habitual pick-guard tappers, instead of just clunks. Though not yet available for purchase, a Kickstarter will be launching soon, letting all prospective Afrojack Johnsons pledge for their very own pads.

Check out the ACPAD in all its promotional-video glory below. Fair warning, though, contains fedora:


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