This woman still attends free Skydome concerts after winning a contest 25 years ago

The Wallaceburg, ON woman who named the place can go to any show for long as she lives.

June 4, 2014

For Torontonians, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since the Rogers Centre—ahem, the Skydome—was built. In its quarter century, the venerable arena has seen its fair share of ups and downs: In 1992 and 1993, it saw the Blue Jays win the World Series. It’s held two Wrestlemanias. And, of course, starting with Rod Stewart on June 8, 1989, it’s hosted fistfuls of high-profile concerts, from the Rolling Stones to Justin Bieber to Metallica.

Indeed, the venerable Skydome’s evolved over the years, and if there’s one person who’s been witness to it all, it’s Wallaceburg, ON’s Kellie Watson.

See, according to the Toronto Star, Watson’s been receiving two free, front-row tickets to every event—yes every event—at the ‘Dome since its inception. After winning a contest over naming the place, she was awarded with tickets for as long as she lives—a promise that’s been kept, even after the Skydome was rebranded as the Rogers Centre in 2005. (But, as any in-the-wool Torontonian knows, it’ll always be the Skydome in our hearts.)

“It’s been fabulous, I’ve seen every concert I wanted to see plus more,” she told the Star. “I even learned to like Bruce Springsteen at SkyDome. I just tagged along with my husband to the concert but I became a fan because he was so good.”

It’s no surprise: Starting on November 5, 1992, the Boss has played the venue three times; he typically plays the Skydome or the Air Canada Centre, though he played Massey Hall once in 1996.

As for Watson, her pair of tickets place her at centre stage, and she says she rotates the tickets among her five family members. The concerts they’ve seen? The Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber, Elton John, and the Rolling Stones, among others. They’ll be on hand for Jay-Z and Beyonce, too, when the high-powered couple swing into town.

“Our kids have grown up going to SkyDome,” says Watson, “and now . . . have spouses to share the tickets, and one day I hope my granddaughter will go.”

Us, too.

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