Track Of The Week: “Walk On By” by Noosa

May 23, 2014

photo by Myles Pettengill

Singer-songwriterNoosafirst came on the scene with her song “Mirrors in the Moonlight,” reworked by producer/songwriter Mickey Valen, who transformed it into the first single and catalyst, “Fear of Love.” Upon releasing the song online, it reached #1 on Hype Machine’s most popular chart almost instantly, making it the first of many to come. The proceeding self-titled EP continued making waves across the blogosphere, garnering rave reviews and racking up nearly 2.5 million plays, all from an independent artist.

Her debut LP (Wonderland) is again a collaboration with producer Mickey Valen, recorded in Noosa‘s hometown of Long Island. The inspiration for the album comes from her long desired departure from New York and fascination with life’s possibilities on the west coast. Noosa finds a place to portray a sense of lightness, honesty, and wonder in her music coined by her as “fairy-pop.”

Here’s “Walk On By.” Also, check out her contribution to the Ghost Beach song “Close Enough.”

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