TRENDING: 9 must-listen songs for the week of August 15th

August 15, 2014

In a few hours, I’ll be packing up my office and preparing for a big move to a new space in Toronto’s east end. This was actually supposed to happen months ago, but a series of delays have kept pushing it back. No matter, I can work from many different places. I just need a connection and a hard drive.

Catch up on what happened this week and pass it along. Here’s the trending playlist for the week of Aug 15th—and read our assessments below the player.

1. “Every Other Freckle” by Alt-J

There’s no surprise in seeing this as no. 1 on the Hype Machine charts this week. Alt-J have tipped us to the third single off their upcoming album This Is All Yours called “Every Other Freckle.” The track follows the success of “Left Hand Free” and “Hunger Of The Pine” and features the bands’ signature oddball vocal delivery, instrumentation, and heavy grooves.

2. “Shoot and Run” by Josef Salvat

Electro-pop crooner Josef Salvat is looking to follow up a successful run in 2013 with his singles “Hustler” and “Every Night” with a new EP, In Your Prime, next month. Take a listen to the lead single “Shoot and Run.”

3. “From The Night” by Stars

I’m still not 100 per cent sure of the latest single from Stars, but it looks like I’m tipping towards being a fan. Lead singer Torquil Campbell recently described the song as a “letter to those of you who stayed home and didn’t take a chance on the possibility that a bassline and a hi-hat rhythm might save your life.” Maybe we could all use a little more Stars in our lives?

4. “bad_news” by Bastille

London band Bastille have recently released a new song on Soundcloud called “bad_news,” setting up their forthcoming Oblivion EP. Moving slightly away from their super poppy hits like “Pompeii” and “Bad Blood,” this track still feels like Bastille but with a little more edge.

5. “Fall Harder” by Saint Pepsi

Back in July, I included Saint Pepsi’s fresh single “Fiona Coyne” in my trending playlist and now I’m going to do it again. Here’s a great follow-up summer jam with “Fall Harder.”

6. “Walking Lightly” by Junip

Normally, a song that’s been out there as long as Junip’s “Walking Lightly” won’t show up on the top 50. Although, all it takes sometimes is one blog to post the track and presto!, its back in the rotation. Junip are Swedes José González and Tobias Winterkorn, and if you don’t know this band, take my advice and get acquainted. Thanks mp3hugger for putting this back where it belongs.

7. “Killed Ya” by Daniel Wilson

I should come up for a term for “the song that I heard for the first time while making the playlist.” Any ideas? This week, Detroit-based songwriter Daniel Wilson surprised me with “Killed Ya,” the first offering from his forthcoming The Boy Who Cried Thunder EP, out this September via Zap Records.

8. “Come To Light” by Arkells

I’m such a fan of this band. Arkells are absolutely killing it these days with all the great new songs off their current album, High Noon. “Come To Light” is probably my favourite, a great song for any playlist.

9. “Shut In” by Strand Of Oaks

Like I mentioned in no. 6, bloggers can throw a song back into the top 50 just by writing one post. I believe I did that yesterday while posting about Strand Of Oaks on my blog Indie Music Filter. Back in June on AUX, I declared “Shut In” as the Track of the Week in my former column, and today, I’m taking the opportunity to tell you about this amazing band one more time.

Until next week!

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