TRENDING: 9 must-listen songs for the week of August 22nd

August 22, 2014

I wish I could write this column every week in the same way I did it today. I’m set up on a dining room table in an enclosed porch with a view of Balsam Lake in the Kawarthas. At the moment, there’s hardly anyone up here, so I hope no one minds me blasting these tunes out over the lake…

Catch up on what happened this week and pass it along. Here’s the trending playlist for the week of Aug 22nd—and read our assessments below the player.

1. “Cold Cold Man” by Saint Motel

The piano intro on this song immediately made me think of Matt & Kim’s “Daylight,” until this LA based four-piece trade a shouty vocal for a croon, adding horns, synths and gang vocals in the chorus. This band are no stranger to these online charts, and I predict this one will make it to the top.

2. “A Simple Design” by The Juan MacLean

When putting together a dance party playlist, you can’t really go wrong in including some Juan MacLean. The duo of John MacLean and Nancy Whang are back with “A Simple Design,” from the band’s upcoming album, In A Dream, out September 16 on DFA.

3. “Black Lemon” by Generationals

I’ve given a lot of coverage to New Orleans band Generationals over the years in my various posts on AUX. I can’t help but recommend this band, their songs hit me just right (and I have a weakness for “summer songs”). Here’s one of those, a song off the upcoming release of Alix out 9/16.

4. “Blue Veins” by LittleShoesBigVoice

I’ve been seeing this artist everywhere in my feeds lately. LittleShoesBigVoice is a London duo made up of songwriter, producer and vocalist Jack Durtnall and vocalist Emily Harvey, who burst on to the scene earlier this year with their debut single “Nightfall.” “Blue Veins” is the second half of an amazing one-two punch. Put this band on your radar.

5. “Our Love” by Caribou

The release of the fourth Caribou record “Our Love” is set for October 6th and now we’ve been able to hear the title track. Following the popularity of first single “Can’t Do Without You,” “Our Love” is a spreading like wildfire online.

6. “First Light” by Racing Glaciers

For fans of bands like the Killers or Bastille, check out UK piece-piece Racing Glaciers and their Don’t Wait for Me EP. Call me a little late on this band, as this track is a few months old and another one of their singles (“Animal”) is gaining momentum. I dug them both, but I think “First Light” is a better starting point.

7. “Classic (RAC Mix)” by The Knocks

Can’t go wrong with an RAC remix.  Here’s a great take on “Classic” by The Knocks, just in time to hype us all up for their joint tour.

8. “Breathe In (ft. Wafia)” by Japanese Wallpaper

Let’s take a bit of a breather here and slow it down a bit. Here’s Melbourne-based 17 year-old multi-instrumentalist/producer Gab Strum who has been drawing comparisons to Boards of Canada and The Postal Service with his debut EP War Peace Rocket Ships.  Find this track on the soundtrack for Zach Braff’s latest film “Wish I Was Here”.

9. “On The Rocks” by The Rural Alberta Advantage

Here’s the 2nd single from Mended With Gold, the latest album from The Rural Alberta Advantage.  “On the Rocks” was inspired by a trip out to Newfoundland well over a decade ago by the band’s Nils Edenloff.

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