TRENDING: 9 must-listen songs for the week of December 5th

December 5, 2014

Check out our “Trending” Playlist for this week. Put on the player and read a bit about each song below.

1. “push pull” by Purity Ring

Why don’t we just start with the top track on the Hype Machine Top 50 right now?  “push pull” comes from Edmonton, Alberta duo comprised of Megan James and Corin Roddick, known as Purity Ring. The synth-pop gem picks up where the band left off with 2012’s Shrines. I’m expecting some big things from this band in 2015.

2. “Love Like This” by RY X

I’m such a sucker for tunes like this. This time of year.  This time of day.  Whenever. Take a break with LA/Australia artist RY X, who’s recently announced a single called “Sweat,” with this beauty as the b-side. Do I hear a clarinet or saxophone slowly making its way in there? Interesting. For fans for James Vincent McMorrow, and especially Bon Iver.

3. “Running Behind” by HOLYCHILD

And now for something completely different. At this point, you can tell I’m not really paying attention to a smooth mix on this week’s mixtape. Chances are when “Running Behind” by brat poppers HOLYCHILD came on, you jumped up in your chair. I think that’s the point of this song, using lively noise pop “driven by a frenetic, snappy drum line” to get a reaction.

4. “Together” by Mesita

I actually didn’t find this on the top 50 (yet); it’s brand spanking new, no doubt on its way up. Mesita is the musical project of Littleton, Colorado’s James Cooley and “Together” comes with the announcement of his next album, The Phoenix, out Dec. 30th. The record will feature all the singles he’s dropped throughout the year.

5. “Inside Out” by Spoon (Tycho Remix)

This remix is so good. I’m actually not the craziest fan of either of these artists, but put them together and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I’m thinking Britt Daniel should consider this collaboration his next experiment.

6. “Where Is My Mind” (Pixies) by FMLYBND

Isla Vista indie/electronic ensemble, FMLYBND take a stab at a rock classic in “Where Is My Mind,” made famous by the Pixies. For some reason in Toronto radio station market, the original gets a ridiculous amount of spins, so at this point, I’m ready for a new take.

7. “Kitsch” by Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith have given us another new song, from his upcoming release of Club Meds (out Jan. 13th on Arts & Crafts). “Kitsch” is a track that references the original political concept of promoting an ideal view and omitting any inconvenient truths. It is the album’s centrepiece and features layers of Dan’s trademark vocals built on a bed of percussion and brooding loops of synths and guitars.

8. “Coward” by Hayden Calnin

So if you liked #2, you’ll probably dig this track too. Australian songwriter Hayden Calnin has had a great run recently, garnering praise via features in Rolling Stone, Clash, plus synchs in Teen Wolf and Suits, plus an appearance at Australia’s BIGSOUND Festival.  We’re to look forward to his debut LP next year, but in the meantime get familiar with him with “Coward”.

9. “Mess Is Mine” by Vance Joy (Black Box Session)

I had to check my archives to see if I’d featured this track before, but turns out I hadn’t. Instead of including the album version of “Mess Is Mine,” I’ll include Vance Joy’s live version in a Black Box Session, filmed on a recent trip to Toronto.

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