TRENDING: 9 must-listen songs for the week of November 14th

November 14, 2014

Scanning the 9 songs that I included in this weeks’ mix, I think I’ve come up with my most eclectic mix yet. I tried to find a “flow”, yet I could have spent all day tinkering with it if I didn’t have a deadline to get this online. I’m happy with it… for now.

Check out our “Trending” Playlist for this week. Put on the player and read a bit about each song below.

1. “Red” by Mt. Wolf

There is just too much music out there these days. With all the content coming at me at all directions, I always miss out on bands I would have loved to have blogged about. I’m glad though that these bands/artists keep up a presence online, so eventually (hopefully) I’ll find them the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time around. In the case of Mt. Wolf, the London band grew to become a heavily buzzed about group last year, then just dropped off the radar. Only just recently did the dream-folk band dust off their Soundcloud, adding “Red” for us all to hear.

2. “Woke Up To The Light” (HearYa Live Session) by Strand Of Oaks

One of my favourite albums of 2014 is Heal by Philly band Strand Of Oaks (the project of songwriter and producer Timothy Showalter). “Woke Up To The Light” isn’t really a traditional sounding single, but it’s so damn haunting. Bloggers are back on that track this week after the band performed a live version of the song for HearYa.

3. “All Is Well” by Austin Basham

Later this year when I try and sum up exactly what happened in 2014, I’ll remember a lot of my fall was spent listening to the songs of Austin, TX musician Austin Basham. His music came to me via his Vancouver producer, who in the past tipped me to bands like Young Liars and Bear Mountain. He must have known I had a thing for artists in the vein of The Tallest Man On Earth and Lord Huron, as “All Is Well” fits nicely in that indie folk category. Austin Basham is definitely an artist to watch right now.

4. “Vacant Space” by George Maple

For fans of artists like Banks or London Grammar, check out London-based Australian singer Jess Higgs (aka George Maple). “Vacant Space” is the title track from her new EP, which features beats provided by Australian electronic musician/producer Flume.

5. “Breathe Again” by The Kickdrums

Its been a while since I’ve heard new music from Brooklyn based producer/singer/songwriter Alex Fitts of The Kickdrums. “Breathe Again” is the first ‘official’ independent release from Alex in over half a decade and will be the first release from the new 24west 7-inch boutique vinyl single imprint (starting in 2015). The track appeals to an indie sound, with strong rock roots featuring meticulously layered synth and masterfully posited drum machine tracks.

6. “Teen Angst” by M83

Even though this is quite an old track from France’s M83, some blogger posted the track and it shot back on to the Hype Machine Charts. It also happens to be one of my favourite (if not favourite) M83 songs. Massive builds, atmospheric vocal melodies and a wall of synths. Beautiful.

7. “Wicket Youth” by Sego

This song came to me by surprise this week, via a note from a management company I’m in touch with. They’re now working with LA band Sego, who right now have an incredibly catchy song out called “Wicket Youth.” The track was featured by French tastemaker label Kitsuné for one of their mixes, and comes From the bands’ EP of the same name. Phoenix meets Pavement, check it out.

8. “The Kids Are Alright” by WALLA

This song comes from similar geographic territory as the one before it. Walla are an LA-based indie-pop band who have been promoting their new single “Kids Are Alright,” off an EP of the same name out in January (along with two additional singles). I’ve only heard it three times and know already it’ll be the one in this mix stuck in my head all day.

9. “Fractals” by Keep Shelly In Athens

I thought I had read something a while back about Greek band Keep Shelly In Athens breaking up. I guess it was more of a changing of the guard, as the band just released a song with a new singer. Myrtha, who replaces the band’s previous singer, Sarah P, has a complimentary vocal style to the processed guitars and electric melody to their latest “Fractals.” Look for new music in the new year.

Happy listening, see you next week.

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