TRENDING: 9 must-listen songs for the week of November 21st

November 21, 2014

Check out our “Trending” Playlist for this week. Put on the player and read a bit about each song below.

1. “Daydreamer” by Bipolar Sunshine

I’d been anticipating new music form Manchester raised artist Adio Marchant (aka Bipolar Sunshine). Well, he’s back with some new music called “Daydreamer” (out Jan. 25th). The atypical pop track incorporates both the despondent and the upbeat with intelligent and unique lyrics with an all-encompassing chorus. he song is a collaboration with SBTRKT and was produced by Fraser T Smith (Adele, Lily Allen, Sam Smith). Look for this track on his upcoming debut album, set to be released next summer.

2. “Shape” by Breakfast In Fur

This song has had the most spins here all week. I’d actually known nothing about the artist when I got the press release, but sometimes all you need is a Soundcloud link to jump right in. Breakfast In Fur are a Hudson Valley quintet who have just announced their debut LP, Flyaway Garden, will be arriving February 3rd on Bar/None Records. The band “draw on the beauty and majestic scenery of the Catskills to create a experimental, psychedelic, rock that weaves British IDM, ambient and elements of jazz throughout its meandering and awe-inspiring eleven tracks.” Dive in with their single “Shape.”

3. “If You Went Away” by Daniel Wilson

Another track from Detroit-based soul singer Daniel Wilson to go along with the one I featured back in August. “If You Went Away” also comes from the Boy Who Cried Thunder EP and has Wilson tugging at our heartstrings via “staccato piano, grave strings and Wilson’s earnest, gravelly vocal.”

4. “Wake Up” (Arcade Fire) by Montgomery

While I write this, I’m still kind of on the fence about this track, but figured I might as well include it in the playlist to get your opinion. Australian artist Montgomery take a classic indie anthem (one of my favourites) and turn it into a dream-pop song, but does it work? Even though I’ve got a soft spot for dream pop, breathy vocals and a band willing to take on a massive song, I do think this song is all about energy and presence. I’m not sure if you can close a festival with this version, but it’s worth a listen.

5. “Young Folks” (Peter Bjorn & John) by Wolf Saga (feat. Lemon)

Wolf Saga definitely knows how to make a cover. Two weeks ago, I put up his version of “You Only Live Once” by the Strokes (featuring the vocals of LYON). Today, I heard his rendition of Peter Bjorn & John’s “Young Folks” featuring an artist named Lemon and I’m loving it. He somehow managed to keep this song’s catchiness after removing the trademark whistle.

6. “Dancing Underwater” by Brave Shores

Brave Shores are a Toronto electro-pop duo comprised of brother and sister Jay and Stefanie McCarol, who have just released their self-titled debut EP on October 28 (Universal). Hot off the heels of the success of their first single (“Never Come Down,“ featured in a Bell Canada commercial last year), this band are turning heads in my hometown and everywhere online. Check them out.

7. “Heart Melter” by Alma Elste

I remember seeing an e-mail from 22-year-old Parisian chanteuse Alma Elste last week. I’d checked out her song “Heart Melter”, instantly liked her voice and almost instantly lost her e-mail again afterwards. I’m glad that sometimes I can pick something up the second time around when I check the Hype Machine charts, as this one is getting picked up. In her own words, Alma Elste explains: “‘Heart Melter’ is about the mellow moment when you know something could be possible with someone you have a crush on, the moment you want to go on a life time holiday with that person and leave it all behind.”

8. “Panther” by Made In Heights

Made In Heights is the collaboration between Kelsey Bulkin and producer Sabzi, who since 2010 have been releasing EPs and a slew of singles. Their latest is “Panther” of their upcoming album, which is being received extremely well online. Take a listen to Bulkin’s layered vocals against the interplay between Sabzi’s typical synth pads and a cello countermelody.

9. “The Night” by HONNE

This playlist has been a discovery for me just as it hopefully is for you. Here’s my favourite new gem I found today, from East London duo HONNE, their track called “The Night”. Chet Faker fans, pay attention.

That’s it for me, happy listening!

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