TRENDING: 9 must-listen songs for the week of October 10th

October 10, 2014

I had to make a trip to the west end of Toronto this morning and I couldn’t believe how little traffic there was. Then I realized that its probably because of Thanksgiving this weekend; I’m sure a ton of people had the same idea to get out of town a day early and make it a four day holiday. When searching for songs today, I thought about theming the playlist to the holiday, but some weeks it can be just as much a challenge finding great songs, let alone finding ones that sing about turkey and overeating. If any come to me today, I’ll tack it on the list.

Here’s what made my “Trending” playlist this week. Take a spin and read our assessments below.

1. “Mother & Father” by Broods

It’s not really a new tune, but I’m hearing it a lot these days. The top spot goes to red hot New Zealand brother/sister duo Broods and their song “Mother & Father.” Back in July, I featured their track “L.A.F”, and this week they’ve released a new video for their song “Bridges.” All three are great tunes, but “Mother & Father” has become my go-to track.

2. “Work Song” by Hozier

Irish artist Hozier is becoming a household name these days, especially through the success of his single “Take Me To Church.” His sparse and sultry gospel song “Work Song” broke the top 50 on the Hype Machine this week, featuring soulful humming, minimal hand claps and his incredibly captivating voice.

3. “Let’s Go To The Beach” by Banoffee

Again, Australia. I’m not even surprised anymore. Take a listen to the soul-pop of Banoffee with “Let’s Go To The Beach,” the last track off her debut EP. If you live in my part of the world, this song is not a great fit to how it feels outside, but its gotta be almost summer somewhere. For fans of Sylvan Esso, FKA Twigs.

4. “Silver” by Caribou

This will be the third Caribou song I’ve featured in these trending playlists, and quite possibly its my favourite. Don’t just think of Caribou as an artist who puts you on the dance floor with catchy loops, hooks and beats. He can tread into those low, brooding electronic spaces as evidenced in “Silver.”

5. “Shivers” by J M R

I’m now sensing a bit of a style in this playlist from what I’ve included so far. Strong soulful vocals, like in J M R’s “Shivers.” The Florida artist has recently tipped us to his latest single, featuring, according to a press release, “delicate electronic production, immaculate falsettos, sparkling piano, and tender sentiment.”

6. “Octahate (Phate Remix)” by Ryn Weaver

I might be killing this song, so I’m looking for other ways to hear it. Here’s a great remix by Vancouver artist Phate of the track I was calling the song of the summer, “Octahate” by Ryn Weaver.

7. “Holding On” by FYFE

“Holding On” is the latest song from UK alt pop crooner Paul Dixon (aka FYFE) and follows his widely successful single “For You.”  Lyrically, “Holding On” was conceived as a song about distance in a relationship, and figuring out a way to hang in there.

8. “Shore” by Sylas

The mysterious London duo Sylas are following up their standout song “Hollow” with another great in “Shore.” The song comes from a three-song EP (titled Shore) due out in November via Aesop Label, with the backing of the legendary Brian Eno, who actually appears on their next single to be released. Stay tuned for that one.

9. “You Didn’t Need My Love” by Anders

Finally, here’s a slow burner from London-based Swiss/Australian singer/songwriter Anders called “You Didn’t Need My Love.”  He’s a new artist to me and I’ve gotta admit, I do like the track.  Although, the more I hear the guitar solo near the end, I’m reminded of drama filled scenes from old Miami Vice episodes. Anyone hear that?

Now put this playlist on over the weekend and enjoy the extra day off!

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