TRENDING: 9 must-listen songs for the week of October 17th

October 17, 2014

Do you ever get the urge to just get the hell out of dodge? I’ve got that right now, as I slug away here at work, keeping my eye on the clock and wondering if anyone would notice if I took off a few hours early. When I do make it out of here, I’m northward bound for the weekend, with this playlist soundtracking the first leg of my trip.

Here’s what made my “Trending” playlist this week.  Take a spin and read my assessments below.

1. “Open Fire” by Kate Boy

I’ve been seeing a ton of posts about Stockholm trio Kate Boy recently, all mentioning news of a new single called “Open Fire”. I’m a sucker for that punchy, off beat, underlying bassline, the layered synths in the chorus, and Kate’s melodic chants—perfect for the starter position.

2. “Bones” by Cash+David

Tim Ross (Cash) and Liz Lawrence (David) are London electronic duo Cash+David, who are about to release a new single (“Bones”) on December 8 2014, through their own label.

“Bones” is the follow-up to previous single “Pulse”, which topped Hype Machine’s charts and drew support from Radio 1 and 6Music in the UK. It’s tough to say at this point if this track will also hit #1, but it’s on its way up.

3. “Velvet” by BADBADNOTGOOD

Hometown jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD recently released a new single called “Velvet,” and it’s everywhere on the blogs right now. Sounding like a new take on a classic sound, this track features an up step breakdown sandwiched by airy, almost lounge jazz.

4. “Pieces” by Paperwhite

I’m featuring Brooklyn brother and sister duo Paperwhite again, because I can’t get enough of their pop. “Pieces” is their fourth song this year; “a bright, airy slice of neon-tinged eighties nostalgia”. The track comes from their upcoming EP, Magic, out on Duly Noted Records on November 17.

5. “Indecision” by Shura

I’m beginning to wonder what’s happening in London right now.  Always a great place for new music, it’s just popping up a lot more in these playlists than usual (twice already this week). “Indecision” is the third track released by Shura this year, making me wonder how many of us bloggers will include her in our best “new discoveries” lists of 2014.

6. “I Gave It All” by AQUILO

Music supervisors take note of this track: Doesn’t it just scream episode ending montage?  I think it does.  British duo AQUILO stun us with their new song “I Gave It All,” featuring swelling strings, warm falsettos, and heartfelt words.

7. “Stay (Rihanna Cover)” by Mayer Hawthorne

I’m always looking to include covers in these playlists. Check out soul crooner Mayer Hawthorne putting his spin on Rihanna‘s “Stay,” recorded live while in Madison, WI.

8. “So Long Sun” by Communions

Communions are a new young quartet from Copenhagen who came together at Mayhem, the same four-wall rehearsal space as contemporaries Iceage and Lower, and it’s from this same studio/venue complex that most of Copenhagen’s new punk, industrial and synth scenes originate. The Danish four-piece will release their new single, “So Long Sun,” on Tough Love Records November 10th.

9. “Calling Out” by Penguin Prison

New York’s Penguin Prison is back with his first taste of new music since his debut full length back in 2011. “Calling Out” is out now via Downtown Records and would perfectly soundtrack an ending to an 80’s movie. Roll credits!

See you next week!

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