TRENDING: 9 must-listen songs for the week of September 19th

September 19, 2014

Normally, it’s a Friday morning when I’m checking the charts and compiling this weekly playlist. This week though, I had to work a little ahead, putting this whole playlist together in last night’s dying hours. As you read this, I should have made it to Chicago and am either still at the Cubs/Dodgers game, or on my way to finding a new neighbourhood to explore.

This week’s “Trending” playlist features a bunch of new names, mixed in with a few you’d probably start to recognize. Take a spin of the September 19th edition, plus read our assessments below the player.

1. “Walk On The Moon (Arthur Russell)” by Labyrinth Ear

This track came on my player and slowly crept from the background to the immediate foreground, getting me stop everything I was doing, just to figure out what it was. Self-described as “fantasia pop,” Labyrinth Ear are a UK duo who’ve used hypnotic violin samples and a trip-hop beat to put an amazing spin on the sparse “This Is How We Walk On The Moon” by Arthur Russell.

2. “Venice (Bearson Remix)” by The Lighthouse And The Whaler

Two tracks in and we’re on our second remix. I’m a huge fan of this original and glad that this remix does it justice, adding a little more air, groove and tropical vibe to this track.

3. “Classic (featuring Powers)” by The Knocks

Back in late August, I posted the RAC remix of this track by The Knocks, well before I’d even thought to start with the original. For whatever reason, this track just hit me the right way tonight making my top 9. Perhaps its just me longing for the summer that never.

4. “Beach” by Still Parade

This is a beautiful song, sit back and relax to the ambience of “Beach,” the final track from the Fields EP by Still Parade. “Beach” is a mosaic, where the song guides the listener through four sound-landscapes, just as the EP takes the listener through four distinct songs, exploring the bands’ dreamy folk sound.

5. “Open Season” by Joseph Salvat

Another repeat artist here, as back in August I posted about UK electro-pop crooner Joseph Salvat. “Shoot And Run” was the track in question then, but I think he’s got more on his hands with “Open Season.” Take a listen.

6. “Afterlife (Arcade Fire Cover)” by Sir Sly

I ended the playlist last week with a killer collaboration between Sir Sly and MS MR’s Lizzy Plapinger. This week, I realized the band have an Arcade Fire cover, which has the opposite feel of the electric “Afterlife.” It’s a nice interpretation actually, somewhat dark, somewhat melancholic.

7. “For You” by Fickle Friends

I’ve got a lot of faith in this Brighton five-piece. Fickle Friends are now no stranger to music blogs, having had their latest track “For You” top the charts at least once this week. Could 31 bloggers (so far) really be wrong about this track?

8. “The Future (part 1) Ft. Goldlink” by Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine has started gearing up for the release of of his debut album later this year by leaking more tracks online. “Future (part 1)” features fellow buzzing UK artist and rapper Goldlink. Check it out.

9. “Swim Deep” by Brolin

So far in the short history of writing this particular column for Aux, I’ve never repeated a song in the playlist. I’ll reserve that for the occasional time when a track just continually blows me away. That track this week? The first track off last week’s playlist, “Swim Deep” by Brolin.

That’s what I’ve got, what are you listening to?

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