Watch Katy Perry’s gnarly Warped Tour stage dive

A teenage dream of a different sort.

July 3, 2015

Katy Perry: Warped Tour Stage Dive Veteran.

The good people at Alternative Press have done the lord’s work and dug up some old footage of Perry leaping from the stage during a mid-00s Relient K set at the punk-minded festival. As any Katy Kat worth their whipped cream shooting brassiere can tell you, Perry and Relient K frontman Matt Thiessen were an item for a couple years. The track of choice for Katy’s launching? A cover of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” because fuck it why not.

Perry would later pop up on the Warped Tour as a touring act in 2008. In that era she trotted out some bonafide pop gems (“Hot N Cold”, “Waking Up In Vegas”) and embarrassing hunks of shit (“Ur So Gay”) as part of her Warped work.

“I have bruises all over my legs. That’s from wearing leggings. I’m like jumping off of the monitors and doing scissor kicks, or trying to keep up with these boys. It’s funny,” said Katy of her 2008 Warped Tour experience. “I’m onstage on the right, and then there’s another stage going on right before I go on, and usually it’s like a hardcore screamo band with a mosh pit spanning the size of an arena, and I’ve got all pink gear and a soft-pink bubblegum guitar. I definitely am keeping up with them, but I am causing injury at the same time.”

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