Watch metal band Mutoid Man cover Tom Jones on the NYC subway

This Cave In and Converge side-project confuses commuters.

June 13, 2016

Fact: Mutoid Man is an insanely good band. Singer Stephen Brodsky’s main gig Cave In is revered as more or less unclassifiable while drummer Ben Koller also plays for Converge – one of the first bands to push the boundaries of hardcore into what we’d now call mathcore and metalcore.

Unsurprisingly, when creating a side project the guys have decided they’ll do whatever they damn well please – whether that means writing songs in 13/8 timing or storming the NYC subway and playing, of all things, a cover of Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady”:

You have to love the ballsiness – fuck acoustic guitars and a djembe, they go full band with portable generators, electric guitars, and a mini-kit. The best part? How much the ladies closest to the band attempting to read a novel and listen to an iPod hate their lives. Brodsky doesn’t even pretend it wasn’t a dick move, ending with “Thank you very much; sorry, sorry, sorry.

These shenanigans were part of Mutoid Man’s upcoming heavy metal-themed talk show Two Minutes To Late Night which premieres on YouTube June 16th.

[h/t The PRP]

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