Watch Shia LaBeouf’s next-level bonkers freestyle rap

The Transformers actor throws down his 8 Mile skills.

June 29, 2015

If you’re a star best known for a children’s film series about truckbots from space, there are two surefire steps to gain the respect and adulation you deserve: 1) Get a monstrous matted rattail 2) Freestyle rap shirtless in a park(?) while onlookers ooh and aah over your basic couplets. That’s just common knowledge, and Shia LaBeouf obviously knows the score.

The undated video shows the actor tepidly firing off bonkers, next-level lines like “Give me a pronoun and adjective/And I get at it, kid/You can see me, I’m rappin’ shit/Yeah, I’m still rappin’ shit.” Quick, somebody book him for King of the Dot before he blows up, this kid is fire.

Click it. Come on, what are you waiting for? Just DO IT!


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