Watch the full video of Kanye’s American Idol audition

BREAKING: Famous musician may have advantage on televised talent competition.

January 5, 2016

As you may already know, Kanye West somehow managed to out-stunt himself in October of last year: after performing for President Barack Obama at a Democratic National Convention fundraiser, he swung by the American Idol studios to audition for the obscenely popular talent competition. Photos and monitor footage have been floating around the internet, but the full video has just emerged online.

And you know what? It’s kind of fun. Judges Keith Urban, J-Lo, and Harry Connick Jr. seem genuinely surprised and fight to keep straight faces as they ask Kanye about himself. The artist recently named GQ‘s most stylish man of 2015 replies that he’s “from the south side of Chicago” and that although he was originally a producer, he “always wanted to rap [but] nobody believed” in him.

After spitting some bars of “Gold Digger” and quickly receiving his Golden Ticket to Hollywood, Kanye’s celebration is pretty jokes too. Could you imagine if he shows up for the contest though? (I could 100% see him doing that.) Betty-Mae from Arkansas who’s “dreamed of this opportunity since she was a kid” would be PISSED.


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