Watch the premiere of JOOJ’s new video “Ghost of Love”

May 7, 2015

JOOJ, aka Adam Litovitz and Sook-Yin Lee, got their start after Lee’s photo and video exhibit at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Lee’s score for the exhibition formed the backbone of the first batch of songs, composed with multi-instrumentalist and film professor Adam Litovitz, and JOOJ was born. Arty and elegiacal in equal measure, the duo’s upcoming debut album is set for release on Last Gang on May 26th, and the video for second single “Ghost of Love” is premiering below.

Like the song, the video is haunting, and captures both the feeling of urban disconnection and the transience of modern relationships. Conceived by Sook-Yin Lee and director Yuula Benivolski, the video stars Lee’s muse, dancer Mairi Greig. “Ghost of Love” was shot on film, using only natural light. “We stuck out like total freaks while we were filming” says Yuula. “We were the only ones who actually talked to each other!”

“Despite the unnerving crash of barbells, this video was fun to make,” adds Lee. “I got to swim and show off underwater. Working with talented friends willing to throw themselves in the deep end is the best.”

Catch JOOJ live in Toronto on the following dates:
05.29.15 Toronto, ON – Double Double Land
06.20.15 Toronto, ON – NXNE
08.07.15 Toronto ON – Summerworks

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