Watch these fest-goers pretend to know made-up bands at SXSW

"What do you think of Wiz Khalifa's little brother Cheez Wiz Khalifa?"

March 19, 2015

Austin’s South by Southwest can be an overwhelming experience, even for the most in-the-know music fan. It is, after all, where the music world congregates: On any given day, you’ll watch dozens of bands, many whom you’ve never heard of. Jimmy Kimmel, for his part, understands this phenomenon—so he took to Texas to troll festgoers with an edition of “Lie Witness News.”

The concept is simple: The show went to Austin, and asked people if they knew completely fabricated bands. (Kimmel also did the segment at Coachella.) And festgoers, who didn’t want to seem ignorant, went with the joke: Sure, they’d say, I love DJ Cialis. I love Ashley and the Kale Chips! I totally saw DJ Fictionel play “Je Suis Full of Merde” in Lyon, France. It’s a little humiliating, but it’s also fully hilarious.

Watch the segment below.


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