Watch this bassist rip a funk solo using Doritos as picks

200 calories of faux-Mexican snacks get sacrificed in the name of funk.

May 9, 2016

YouTube user Davie504 isn’t one to back down from a challenge. The talented 22 year-old Italian bassist has gathered a sizeable online following by posting videos which most often showcase his advanced slap-bass technique.

While his instructional videos and collaborations with other YouTube stars continue to do well, it’s his willingness to accept challenges from followers that’s quickly growing in popularity. In what’s almost evolved into a meme, commenters try to up the ante by posting under videos: “Very Impressive, but what can you do with…”

This has resulted in everything from a one-string bass solo to a no-string bass solo where he creatively uses his bass’s body and hardware.

Still, YouTube user Hansel Satya Ananta must’ve thought he’d have Davie504 stumped when he asked what the bassist could do with Doritos as your pick. Embarrassingly rookie mistake, Hansel; you said Dorito*S*. Getting through an entire bass solo with one delicious seasoned tortilla might be impossible – but with a deft touch and an entire bag of the stuff, ain’t no thang.

Watch 200 calories worth of faux-Mexican snacks sacrifice themselves in the name of funk below:


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