Weird Al continues his winning streak as a grizzled sports coach

Weird Al's parody empire has expanded into the world of sports goofs.

October 29, 2015

We’ve always pegged comedy hero “Weird Al” Yankovic as roughly six thousand galaxies away from the world of jockdom, but he blends in seamlessly as a veteran bench boss in a new sketch from The Kicker.

Yankovic plays the role of “Grizzled Coach” in this hilarious video summing up “Every Press Conference Ever” from the world of sports. It’s the standard post-game wrap-up stripped down to its most generic tropes with all of your favourite participants (Star Player, Bench Player Who Had A Surprisingly Good Game, Prickish East Coast Newspaper Guy, etc.) along for the ride. It’s all deliberately generic yet oddly precise at the same time. Call us crazy, but we’re confident that Grizzled Coach will someday lead the City Animals to the championship.

Speaking of “Weird Al” related videos, have you caught the alternate version of “Tacky” this miracle of a man’s put out? No? You’re dead to us.┬áThis new edition ditches the celebrity involvement of the first one and instead has our hero singing, dancing and Al-ing his way inside and outside the venues on his 112-concert┬ádeep Mandatory Fun World Tour.

Get this man his own line of stamps. He will outlive us all and the globe is blessed for it.


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