Why is Thom Yorke’s face on this Iranian sex counselling book?

The jokes write themselves.

May 12, 2015

Radiohead frontman and bed-headed avatar of bedroom frustration Thom Yorke has been spotted in a hilariously appropriate spot.

In a story first reported by Buzzfeed, Iranian Twitter user @Mehr_DaD spotted an image of the musician on the cover of a relationship counselling book in a store owned by his uncle. The title reportedly translates to Marital and Sexual Problems in Men and it can also be found at the online retailer Adhinebook. Yorke is yet to comment on this appropriation of his image, nor has anyone related to the late author John Updike, who may or may not be the white-haired gentleman in the bottom left corner.

Could this be the latest promotional stunt from the artist who released his last solo album via BitTorrent? See the book’s cover below.

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