Win Butler: “Hakeem Olajuwon is bigger than the Beatles for me”

The Houston native shows his roots on the Ringer NBA Show podcast.

September 28, 2017

In case you somehow missed it: Win Butler is a big basketball fan. Literally and figuratively — he’s 6’4″. A staple of the NBA’s Celebrity Game (and its reigning MVP), Win’s a solid defensive rebounder with a reliable outside shot; just ask Matt Bonner about it.

He’s also, in spite of his connections to Montreal and New Orleans, a born and bred Houstonian, which makes this next bit of on-the-surface hyperbole a little less surprising. Here’s how he described falling in love with basketball at the height of the 90s Rockets’ reign (aka the two seasons Jordan retired for):

It’s hyperbolic only to anyone who didn’t see the Dream in his prime. More than just a good basketball player, Olajuwon was an absolute marvel on the court, and one of the only consistent quadruple-double threats the league has ever seen. The Beatles were also pretty good, I guess.

Here’s the podcast in its entirety:

It’s worth listening to in full. Win also talks about his hometown Rockets working in Chris Paul, how DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis might play out in New Orleans. He mentions that his wife, Arcade Fire’s Régine Chassagne used to call Tim Duncan “the saddest man in basketball,” and when it comes to athletes and artists “staying in their lane,” he doesn’t pull punches.

“It’s fuckin total bullshit,” he told host Kevin O’Connor.

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