Witness the ludicrous history of hip-hop themed McDonalds ads

Rapping McNuggets are the O.G. brands saying bae.

June 23, 2015

You can always count on McDonalds to keep their finger on the pulse. Granted, it’s mainly to check to make sure you’re not dead after your heart explodes from that third Double Quarter Pounder.

A hero by the name of Brian Abelson has knocked out a website that celebrates McDonalds’ hot finger-meets-pulse action with a look at the fast food giant’s history of hip-hop themed ads. You’ve got rapping McNuggets, awkward beatboxing, and international spins on the McDonalds + Rap = Yum! formula. Who doesn’t want to see a trio of chicken nuggets (INCLUDING ONE WITH TEETH BECAUSE NIGHTMARES ARE THE BEST SPECIAL SAUCE) rapping about why you should eat them alive while a spokesclown dances with glee.

One Supreme Blessing: There were no crossovers with Mac Tonight.

To dip yourself in the full McDonalds hip-hop experience, check out the sensibly URL-ed mcdonalds.hiphop before McLawyers take McLegal action and McShut it down. Here’s the “Big Mac Attack” ad to tide you over as you open a new tab.

[H/T Mental Floss]

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