World’s most fascinating rapper and basketball fan continues to fascinate

Lil B dressed to the nines and discussed NBA curses on ESPN.

June 16, 2015

Say what you will about his hazy-brained vocals, ceaseless releases, and tweetcounts rivaling Andrew W.K. or Larry King, but there’s no doubt that Lil B is keeping things interesting.

In a splashy appearance on ESPN’s SportsNation, the wonderful weirdo rapper dropped in to discuss “The Based God’s Curse”, which he has placed on players such as Kevin Durant, James Harden (who clearly ripped off Lil B’s “cooking dance”) and the king LeBron James. Even if you’re not invested in the NBA finals, this clip is hugely entertaining.

The ominous music, sound effects, and straight-faced delivery of the show’s co-hosts would have been enough to make this great TV, but Lil B’s sartorial choices are the real clincher. His floppy sun hat, dangly earrings, and sheer lace blouse have since earned accolades and a few jokey jabs, though he continues to command attention with every move. And we love him for it.

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